le cosmosEx 2015 est à nouveau disponible



les 2 versions du CosmosEx sont à nouveau disponibles, le solo (sans raspi) et le EX (complet)

mais qu’est ce que le CosmosEX? si il est solo (livré sans raspi) il sert de disque dur externe grace à une carte SD, sinon il est beaucoup plus complet:

  • Fonction disque dur grace à une carte SD, exactement comme le ferait l’ultrasatan où le satandisk, où grace à une clef usb
  • Peut etre mis en reseau avec votre PC et partager ainsi les fichiers (Mint n’est pas necessaire)
  • Fonction lecteur virtuel: lance les fichiers .st et .msa depuis un media connecté (usb où SD). d’autres formats d’images disques devraient etre ajouté par la suite.
  • Telechargement d’images de disquettes depuis internet pour jouer à nos vieux jeux juste en quelques clics
  • Permet d’utiliser un clavier une souris où une manette grace aux ports usb. aucun besoin de pilotes, et on est pas obligé de tout remplacer, on peut ne brancher que la souris et un joystick en se servant du clavier d’origine du st.
  • Peut etre implanté à la place du lecteur disquette où etre branché directement en externe via scsi (Falcon où TT) où acsi (St/mega St/TT).
  • Configurable depuis le ST depuis une aplication facile d’accés
  • Une aplication de configuration permetra de metre à jour directement le CosmosEx en reseau

D’autres fonctions sont à venir comme l’ouverture de fichiers zip, mais vous pouvez à nouveau le commander (ici) depuis aujourd’hui. pour ceux qui voudraient plus de details voici le courrier que jookie nous a adréssé:

« Dear registered user,

you are receiving this mail, because you have registered on Cosmos Ex buyer’s page. To unsubscribe just click on the unsubscribe link in the footer (somewhere), or reply to this e-mail with ‘unsubscribe’ and I will delete you from the database. I also appologize to one user which I don’t know who is, but I didn’t delete his account soon enough, and gmail decided to delete his e-mail from my spam folder (the unsubscribe e-mails are mostly landing there…). If this is your case, please unsubscribe again and I will delete you immediatelly 🙂

Cosmos Ex devices are now available, I have photos are in the buyer’s page when you will change the count of devices in your order.

The buyer’s page has been remade (although it looks almost the same), so if you notice something not working, send me an e-mail, and be sure to check content of your order before payment.

The payments are available through PayPal and bank transfer. The price is 83 Euro without RPi (you have to buy it and mount it yourself), or 115 Euro with Raspberry Pi, B+.

There is ACSI only version (for ST / Mega ST / TT through ACSI) and SCSI + ACSI version (for TT through SCSI and Falcon). If you don’t want to use SCSI, please buy ACSI version only – be considerate to your Falcon friends. Both the versions cost the same – it’s easier for me this way.

Both versions have current transfer speed of 1.02 MB/s, it might be improved somewhere to 1.1 MB/s, but don’t expect much more (e.g. don’t expect 2 MB/s or 4 MB/s) – there are some hardware limitations. If you don’t like that, just don’t buy it and save your self from some frustration. 🙂

This batch is smaller, because of 3 things:
– the SCSI interface is a new feature, this delayed the development and manufacturing
– my wife will deliver 2nd child on 7.12., I need to get rid of most of those devices before that, because I guess my life will go worse after that 😉 (please no congratulations, this is a mass mail with many recipients)
– the end of financial year is too close, and unsold devices from this year would be taxed too much in the next year, it will be better to manufacture new ones in the next year and sell them in that year

My estimate is that devices paid until next tuesday will be sent on wednesday, and from then on in weekly cycles, until I run out of the devices – you will find that out in the ordering system once this happens. The next batch will be available in february (I guess), if everything goes well, or later, something goes wrong.

Best regards,
Jookie (Miroslav Nohaj) »

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